Final day of Lapis Gold and the hotel room!


Thought you might like to hear about our hotel room which is on the fifth floor and overlooks the lobby and restaurant with a huge glass wall at the back of the lobby–so we do see outside.

A Room with a View!

A Room with a View!

We can pick out our room from the lobby because Rosie’s backpack is on the ledge. That is a good thing as we could have used it to store our crackers and cookies! There was one chair which is a not very comfortable desk chair. When we heard that others had we requested a second chair, Rosie called and asked for another chair so now we have a banquet chair as well–perfect for stitching. Now if there was only enough light to stitch. There are two lamps in the room, a high intensity desk lamp and a lamp between the two beds. There is no ceiling lamp in the room, so it is good that the open stitching areas are large and the hotel did move some more lights into that area to help out. There are some good things as well, we got a refrigerator so breakfast is in the room–and with tea at $4 a cup, it is a good thing! There is adequate drawer space for all that we brought with us, the beds are comfortable and the service is good. So we are happy.

There was quite a bit left to do for day three of my class,but we managed to get quite a bit accomplished. The teacher, Valerie McAleenan, is very patient, but I don’t think she is accustomed to teaching a large group so that most often she is going around to tables to explain what to do next. She would start in the front left and work,around the room, I was front right and she would often get waylaid before reaching our table. Neither my tablemate nor I was hesitant about calling her attention to us to see and learn! Today we were supposed to take the layed gold threads that met at an intersection and weave them. I tried, I really did, but eventually my gold threads were becoming pretty ratty. She had given us an alternative pattern that I did in the corners and am quite happy with it, especially compared with some of the finished knots that I saw. The last thing we did was to appliqué felt circle padding and then metallic kid with an overcast gold thread around the outside with needle weaving through the gold. That needle weaving was the hardest thing of all for me as it took forever to “see” the pattern! I did get it as you can see from the picture!

Final Day of Lapis Gold

Final Day of Lapis Gold

Tomorrow is the tour! See you then!


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