Seminar Prework


Hi, Everyone —

I’m leaving for the Anaheim seminar on Tuesday morning and I’ve been working on the prework for Irresistible Iridescent.  I finished it this morning just in the nick of time.

Rosie's Prework for Seminar

Rosie’s Prework for Seminar

I know it doesn’t look like much at this point.  This is the sage colorway — it was also available in light blue and grey.  Unfortunately, they all looked grey to me!  I was hoping for salmon or peach or, well, something more colorful!

I also had my Stella Polaris installed into a Sudberry Tray.   I plan to give it to my nephew and his wife as part of their wedding present, so I won’t be able to bring it into a meeting to show you.  I posted a picture on the NJNA website gallery and I thought I would include it here to add a little bit of color to this post!

Stella Polaris in Umbria Colorway and Sudberry Tray!

Stella Polaris in Umbria Colorway with Sudberry Tray!

I’ll be meeting up with Sue C on Friday in Anaheim and we can’t wait to share all the seminar excitement with you this year!  I have four days in Debbie Stiehler’s Imari Collage (which is a companion piece to last year’s Asian Collage).   Then I will tour the mission at San Juan Capistrano.  I’ll end the week with a two-day class by Nancy Cucci — lots of iridescent beading on the prework shown above!

Hope everyone has a great week —

Cheers, Rosie


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  1. The true color of the mat on the Stella Polaris does not show in this picture. The stitching, the mat and the tray are stunning! Your nephew and bride are very fortunate.

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