Stitch of the Month — May 2013


(With thanks to this month’s author — Linda Mosch!)

Seven of us gathered today at Sue C’s home to continue our stitching adventure with the May SOTM stitch.  Stitching today were Rosie, Sue C, Gwen, Linda, Carol, Sue R and Diane.  We all had been speculating as to what this month’s stitch would entail – would we work in the border, fill in some of those blank areas inside previous stitches, or perhaps something else?  I think most of us were convinced that we would definitely be using some of the colors not yet opened.

We all agreed that the areas to be stitched were not what we expected and that the emerging design is certainly starting to bloom! Although we are at different stages in the stitching, the differences in the color choices are readily apparent. Here we are just before breaking for lunch (and thanks to Sue R for taking the photo so that we could get Rosie in the picture).

Just getting started on the May SOTM

Just getting started with May SOTM

After lunch and delicious brownies baked by Sue C, we spent the remainder of the afternoon continuing with our stitching as well as lots of good conversation.  We are unanimous in how much fun this design is turning out to be and the experience of stitching it as a group is priceless.

Here we are at the end of the day.  Great progress is being made and each of the pieces is so unique. Just look at how dramatic Diane’s piece on black canvas is turning out!  We are already anticipating the June installment.


From Top Left: Linda M, Rosie, Carol, Sue C
From Bottom Left: Sue R, Gwen, Diane

Cheers from Linda!

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  1. We DID enjoy stitching together on the same piece! I had to take out some of last month’s stitching, but still completed the month of May portion.

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