2013 Woodlawn Exhibit


I was fortunate enough to go to see the Woodlawn Exhibit on Sunday and Monday this week.  It was spectacular!  There were so many things to see that I found two visits necessary and still didn’t remember everything.  My two favorite rooms included the room of small objects and the room of the geometric framed pieces.  Of course, there were wonderful pieces throughout the other rooms as well.  I saw some pieces that I recognized from the ANG seminar in Philadelphia and some pieces that our members have stitched.  Seeing all these things is inspiring to pick up the needle and stitch.  Our two guests from the March meeting had pieces on exhibit; Rona had five pieces and Mary two.  As I was going into the exhibit, I met them coming out and chatted with them.  There pieces were all in the room of primarily geometrics.  Maybe our chapter should make an effort to exhibit  some of our pieces in the future.  I was pleased to see a bargello box stitched by a friend of mine from another group (FCE) who had taken a first place!  She had not thought of entering her box, but her daughter-in-law insisted and even brought it down to Woodlawn!  And the two women I drove down with (FCE members as well) both exhibited and one took an honorable mention for a counted thread piece.

When we were not at the exhibit, we seemed to be living in the needlework shop about a mile away called In Stitches.  It has many charts and threads, some painted canvases and some knitting.  I indulged only a little, at least it looks like a small amount, but the bill was not.  That is what you get when you buy threads galore!  I hope to return next year as it is so inspirational.

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