Viva Vallarta!


Hi to All —

Lest you all think that we have forgotten that our time in Mexico is a “stitching retreat” — here is our progress through this morning.  First, Carol’s St. Margaret’s Star:

St. Margaret's Star

St. Margaret’s Star

And then, Rosie’s Or Nue Sample:

Or Nue Sample -- about halfway done!

Or Nue Sample — about halfway done!

After stitching for all of yesterday morning, we decided to take a taxi into Puerto Vallarta.  The seaside is beautiful.

Seaside in Puerto Vallarta

Seaside in Puerto Vallarta

We walked down the Malecon and shopped for goodies!  We came across this beautiful church near the end of the street.

Church in Puerto Vallarta

Church in Puerto Vallarta

We chose a seaside restaurant for lunch and had guacamole made table side — clearly by a trainee with attitude!  I don’t know whether to show you the guacamole, or the food, or the double margaritas, or Carol!  Lucky you — I managed to get it all in!

Seaside Luncheon!

Seaside Luncheon!

The hotel here was hosting a big Mexican fiesta and so the casual restaurant we had chosen for dinner was closed.  Because we had had a huge, late lunch — we decided to go to the Santuario, a central bar with small appetizers only.



We sat out over the water on a wooden deck and ended up having front row seats to some fabulous entertainment.  There was a piano player from Jamaica, an artists painting Elvis, a unicyclist, a nightclub singer (and flirt) and Mexican dancers.  We couldn’t have planned for a more wonderful evening!

Mexican Dancers at Santuario

Mexican Dancers at Santuario

Wish you were here!

Rosie and Carol

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  1. What beautiful photos! It sounds like you two have been having a grand time and even gotten in some stitching. Enjoy your last day!

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