Selecting threads at Edwardian Needle


After news that the Edwardian Needle was closing on March 28th to relocate, I figured I had better get down there to select my threads for St. Margaret’s Star since I wanted a different color way. I wanted the look of the pink–the outline around the squares and arrows–but in blue/greens. It wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated. First I pulled the thread in the pink and matched it in an aqua. I started with the Watercolours and selected South Pacific. (Can’t you just picture it?) And then worked off that. Since there was no appropriate color canvas, I got a white with the opalescent. I am looking forward to starting this project! She had all the threads that I needed, no substitutions were needed.

I learned that Pam will be having a sale the week before closing and will be opening at her new location on April 12th. I signed up for an e-mail announcement for the opening and will be glad to share!
Sue Chadwick

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  1. Hi, Sue —

    Can’t wait to see your threads — they sound luscious! South Pacific — seriously! Sounds like Pam’s advice for selecting colors was spot on!

    I looked at the next stitches in SOTM — hope I can find a little time to stitch while I’m here in California.


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