A few more comments on Sunday


Diane mentioned her flying visit yesterday with her husband. When we went through the exhibit, admiring all the pieces and especially the winners, we also commented on some of the pieces. Amazingly, some of the prices that we commented on were among the winners of last night’s special awards. One of them was a patriotic sampler that I think was in several issues of Needlepoint Now a few years ago. Another was an adaptation of a painting of a field of poppies. I am looking forward to seeing them again in a future issue of NeedlePointers.

We had interesting table mates from the west coast–Olympic Peninsula–south, mid Atlantic and us. The favors were useful–nice red stork scissors, a chocolate bar with an informative wrapper–Hershey’s of course–and a pen. The food was good and the right amount AND we left at a reasonable hour!

I am now ready to begin my first class!

Sue C.

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