First full day here


This was a day of firsts: Rosie’s first class, my first venture to the surrounding blocks to try to get oriented and visits to the bookstore, shop, and Reading Terminal Market. The bookshop has everything from needlework books of ALL kinds to children’s books to mysteries based on some form of needlework. (I thought I’d copy down some authors for the newsletter editor.). I made a list of my favorite needlework books. I did not buy yet; I figure if some are soldout, my wallet is safer! I did find some charts that I liked at the shop and drooled over the enormous selection of threads. In my search of the neighborhood I found a 7Eleven that carried hard boiled eggs for Rosie’s breakfast–none in the Reading Terminal Market, I asked all over. I found the recommended restaurant from our conversation last night at the open stitching where we went tonight–Caribou Cafe. I found friendly stitchers at the open stitching area again. Stitchers are so friendly!

This afternoon Heidi arrived, checked in, went to her room and came out of the shop an hour later with her hands full! She is one fast shopper! I am sure you have read about the excitement Rosie and I saw while at the First Timers’ Reception. What a hoot! Only in a big city! The three of us went out for a good dinner tonight and are getting ready for a good day tomorrow.

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