Seminar Pre-Work


Hi New Jersey Needle Artists —

As many of you are aware, I had been hoping to have our new website up and running prior to seminar.  I am pleased to report that there has been tremendous progress on this endeavor, but that some features (mostly pictures) are still not working correctly.  Soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve created this second WordPress site so that our members who are attending seminar will be able to blog about what they are doing, who they are seeing, what they have bought, and other fun stuff!  Attendees can e-mail me ( with their updates and/or I will also try to set a place and time where I’ll be with my laptop.  I’ll also bring my camera so that we can include some photos!

This pre-seminar post is allowing me to figure out how this blogging stuff works.  I’ve already had a few things I could use a boo-boo stick for!

I am enrolled in two classes for seminar.  The first four days I will be doing “Asian Collage” which doesn’t have any pre-work; this will be my first experience with Congress Cloth and the piece includes a stitch called Double Alternating Nobuko.  Nobuko is my favorite stitch, so I can’t wait to find out what this variation is all about.  The second class is called “Illusions” and I am very happy to say that I finished my 8 hours of pre-work on Monday night!  I’m going to post a picture of it even though it is white on white.  I’m really just trying to figure out how to insert a picture in the post.

Pre-work for Illusions

Maybe someone else who is doing pre-work can send me a blog post so that I can try uploading that as well!  Or if you want to try to author a post directly into the blog, I’ll change the permission on your invite.

More soon!  Cheers!  Rosie

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  1. Hi, all —

    We’ve already encountered a few glitches with this blog so I’m glad I set it up while I still had some time to fool with it!

    I forgot to mention in my opening post that we will try to transfer the seminar blog to our “real” website once we get the new one up and running!



  2. I am looking forward to my “virtual attendance” at Seminar. I am so jealous of all of you. I will have to console myself with stitching while sitting in Hawai’i. I did have the opportunity to see some beautiful embroidered kimonos at the Honolulu Museum of Art today. And tomorrow I will be shopping at Needlepoint Etc. here in Honolulu. I will be watching for your updates! Aloha. Linda

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