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First Day in Paris!


Hi Everyone —

Harold and I flew to Paris yesterday.  Our hotel room was not ready when we arrived, so we decided to do a walkabout with our traveling friends.  With no definite plans in mind, I suggested that we hunt up the needlepoint shops that I had garnered from various Facebook postings.

The first and most famous of these is only about 100 steps from our hotel!


This photo was actually taken of our reunion cocktail hour — but can you see what is lurking across the street?

Tapisseries de la Bucherie is a small, brightly lit shop.  One woman was painting canvases by hand while we were there!


It was a large canvas in beautiful colors!

I did purchase a few items — and was given permission to take a photo of the shop.


Aren’t the wool colors gorgeous?

The non-stitchers in our group were fascinated by this spiral staircase inside the shop:


I asked if the woman had painted the stairs, but she said they were original!

So — that was quick!  We next decided to walk to the other shop which we were told was about a 30 minute walk.  So we crossed the river and walked past Notre Dame cathedral and crossed a second river.  It was difficult to follow the map that the hotel had given us because of lack of detail, and after several map consultations and man-on-the-street interviews, we ultimately got our google maps to direct us.

After a nice lunch (I was starving) which had us straying from our direct route, we made our way to Sajou, known for its scissors.


Of course I bought a(nother) pair of scissors!

I also asked if I could take photos of this shop — it was also brightly lit and beautiful.  When I went to take a photo of the scissors, I had to wait while they fixed the display that I had disturbed while making my selection!


Interior of Sajou!  Scissor case is front, right hand side of the picture!

You can see that it is a beautiful shop.


In fact, you can arrange your own Sajou shop by purchasing miniature storage furniture.  The drawers even open and are filled with Sajou signature style boxes!

It was a long walk back and although the men weren’t too interested in the shops, it did give some structure to our “wandering about”.

Cheers, Rosie






Hi Everyone —

Sue says it take a lot of confidence for me to post my pitiful progress of my two days in “Bunnies on Lavender Lane”.  Here it is:


As you see, I have the Momma Bunny sans ears and tail, one of nine hosta flowers, one of twelve hosta leaves, and one of three rose bush branches!

Most of you know that I chose this class so that I could experience having Jo Ippolito Christensen as a teacher.  I apparently missed the part where it said this class was stump work.  It sure stumped me!  I thoroughly enjoyed Jo’s tales of her introduction to needlepoint, her single-minded pursuit of it at the Library of Congress in the era before internet, her early publishing experience, and her later explosive success with the “Needlepoint Book”.

Today Jo started class by showing us her Vera Bradley clear bag with three zipped bags inside:  one small, one medium, and one large.  The large bag holds a light, flat iron, and the like.  The medium one holds her usual stitching supplies (which consist of a LOT more stuff that my usual supplies), and a small bag in which she keeps her thread scissors and her current project threads.  She keeps this case packed and ready to go to guild meetings, stitching events, etc.  I think I will go and check it out.

Jo is going to be staying home more and working out of Rittenhouse in Philadelphia.  Isn’t NJNA lucky to be so close by?

Cheers, Rosie

Catching Up!


Hi Everyone —

I thoroughly enjoyed my day-off  yesterday.  I got in about two hours of stitching; two hours of volunteering at the exhibit; a long lunch in which I was able to catch-up with my good stitching friend, Ann Carol; a short swim to cool off, a quick circuit around Expo; pizza with jazz; and drinks with friends in the lobby bar!  So here is my current progress on American Plains.


The top yoke is almost done after my day-off!

As others have mentioned, the Pink and White ball made for excellent people watching last night.  Unfortunately the after ball parties resulted in a sleepless night for many of my needlepoint ladies!

Today I started a class with Jo Christensen — of the Needlepoint Book fame!  Jo is a funny, patient, and well able to hold the class’s interest.   The piece we are doing is called “Bunnies on Lavender Lane” and Jo’s main focus is to teach us four different kinds of stumpwork.   This requires a level of patience, artistic ability, and dexterity that I fear is beyond me.  Here’s my progress at the end of Day 1.


Bunnies on Lavender Lane — Day 1

So as you can see, I have one of six bunny bodies attached and one of twelve hosta leaves completed.  And I learned A LOT!  Because Jo stitched most of the bunny body for me as a sample, I have homework to stitch a second bunny after the banquet tonight!

Cheers, Rosie



More American Plains


Hi Everyone —

I have a day off today — sort of.  I have a two-hour volunteer stint at the exhibit later today.

Let me start by saying that I updated my first American Plains post by adding a photo of Toni’s inspiration for the project.  So please go onto our full site to see it!

Second, here is my progress at the end of day 2.  Hopefully I’ll have even more after my “day off”!


American Plains — Day 2!

Third — Both Toni and ANG gave me presents for being the class angel.  The pin on the right is from ANG and the magnet on the left is from Toni!  I am getting quite a collection of stitching angels!


Finally, as Marge indicated in her Facebook post, I will become the Correspondence Course Chairperson for ANG after seminar.  It may be more work than I’ve been led to believe!

Cheers, Rosie



American Plains


Hi Everyone —

Today was my first day of class.  I am taking American Plains with Toni Gerdes.  It is a kimono-style dress of the type worn by American Indians in the Plains.  Sort of like this one from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian.


Toni’s design is based on one that she saw in the Metropolitan Museum that was made of white leather that was painted bright sky blue.  When I arrived at class, the sign announced that the class was American Planes; it was fixed by lunchtime!


The Inspiration for American Plains

No one in the class appeared to be assigned as the class angel, so I volunteered.  Mainly my duties are to take attendance, keep track of time, and help Toni with anything that she needs.

We stitched steadily today, but I fear that my progress doesn’t reflect it.


American Plains — Day 1 Progress

Tonight was the Opening Banquet in which they announce the major award winners from the Seminar Exhibit.  NJNA couldn’t all manage to sit at one table, but I did get the group together for a picture.


The only face that you may not recognize is Moira C who used to be a member of our chapter and whose arm was twisted to join again!

I’ve been asked to let you know that Marge K is posting seminar updates on our NJNA Facebook Page:  NJNA Facebook Page.  (You might have to send a request to Sylvia via Facebook to join the group.)

Cheers, Rosie

And You Thought You Could Dance…


Hi Everyone —

Sue C and I spent the day sightseeing (and riding the METRO) in DC today.  We started out at the National Museum of the American Indian.  I wrote about the awesome Inka Road engineering in my other blog, but I saved the BEST for this blog.


An Embroidered Collar

All of these are beaded!

IMG_4588 (2)

The US Flag done entirely in seed beads.  If you look closely, you will see the names of all the American Indian nations beaded into the white stripes using matte beads instead of shiny ones.  And note the quotations in the blue field.

A display of parrot feathers on the left and a tunic where the cloth is made of feathers on the right.

So — if you have a free day at seminar — this museum offers a wonderful array of stitching and other American Indian arts.

Cheers, Rosie

August SOTM


Hi Everyone —

We had a small but lively group stitching at Linda’s today.  Nancy brought us a homemade plum cake with whipped cream for dessert.  We decided that it was fruit so the calories didn’t count!

We have decided to stay with individual pictures of Autumn Kaleidoscope for the remainder of the year.  Several people have said that it helps them to expand the pictures and see how some of the challenging areas have been stitched.

Please enjoy!


Diane’s Adaptation on the Original Colorway.


Sue C’s Gray, Peach, and Blue colorway.  I think this is gorgeous and it is one of the only ones where the border really stands out to give a Frank Lloyd Wright-ish look!

IMG_4553 - Copy

Janet P’s Original Colorway on Beige canvas.

IMG_4551 - Copy

Amy B’s Peach and Mint colorway!

IMG_4550 - Copy

Joan’s in Lorene’s Aqua Colorway!

IMG_4549 - Copy

Rosie’s Raspberry Colorway!

IMG_4546 - Copy

Linda M’s Original colorway on black canvas.

IMG_4547 - Copy

Jill’s Aqua, Peach, and Ruby colorway!

IMG_4548 - Copy

Janice’s Chocolate and Cherries colorway!

Ellen's Kaliedoscope

Ellen S’s Lilac and Mint colorway!  Ellen wasn’t able to attend the SOTM today, but she sent in her progress to include in this post!  Looking good!

Isn’t it fantastic to see how varied and beautiful all the colorways are?

Cheers, Rosie